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Superb Diamond Range Podcast

Feb 23, 2020



We are not financial advisors. The content on this podcast and YouTube videos are for educational purposes only and merely cite our own personal opinions.  In order to make the best financial decision that suits your own needs, you must conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor if necessary.  Know that all investments involve some form of risk and there is no guarantee that you will be successful in making, saving, or investing money; nor is there any guarantee that you won't experience any loss when investing.   Always remember to make smart decisions and do your own research!

Interview with Ed Mills The Millionaire Educator. Ed is a huge inspiration to me personally as well as to many others interested in Financial Independence and within the FIRE community. Ed Mills shows the path he as a teacher and his family have taken to take care of business and their future using various retirement saving pots like the 401K and Roth IRA and 457B Plan. Ed's advice is to avoid debt, become a hard core saver and work a plan, even if it's not perfect just getting started can leads to great results in the long term. The front loading strategy. Ed also discusses the tax advantages of saving in Pre-Retirement accounts. Ed's courage and willingness to move jobs and location to break service and move money to a better platform with lower costs. Geoarbitrage advantages. Also Ed has a passion for travel particularly Mexico and South America. As well as to be careful of the plan fee's. Types of investments. 

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