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Superb Diamond Range Podcast

Jun 23, 2019


* Legal: I am not a financial expert and all of the advice and information presented in my podcasts is purely anecdotal. Always consult with a financial expert before investing or moving your money— especially if you are an American or British Citizen as US/UK tax laws are very complicated.

Investing in either an ISA (after Tax) or a workplace pension or sipp Pre-Tax.

Choosing your investments.

Stocks, Bonds & REITs.

Investment behaviour. 

I love Vanguard.

Picking an Allocation.

Risk Level.

How I invest.

Always use a tax free vehicle like a pension or isa.

Pensions vs Isa's.

Always take full advantage of your employer match, it's free money after all. No better deal in the market.

Recommended reading: Fail Safe investing by Harry Brown, Investing Demysified by Lars Kroijer and The stock series Blog and Simple path to wealth book by Jim Collins.

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