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Superb Diamond Range Podcast

Feb 8, 2017


In my honest opinion all Gambling is bad.

Work friend on a fruit machine - Never gave up.

Father on Horse Racing.

You work hard for your money why not put it to a better use like buying an asset, buy a loaf of bread, some fruit and veg or some rice.

I've spoken in an earlier episode about the Lottery, It ain't worth the money, It's a waste!

They call it harmless fun, It isn't fun losing this months rent/mortgage going into arrears. It can lead to you and your family being out on the street.

How gambling compares to drug use or alcoholism.

There are better places to be than a bookies A.K.A betting shop. Did you ever hear of a betting shop going out of business?

The gambling industry makes too much money off the people and the gamblers and their families are always suffering and in misery.

Why not save your money. Spend less than you earn and perhaps wisely invest the difference.

KJV 1611 Bible Quotes on gambling.

Give rather than gamble, as giving is good, a positive action. Gambling will always be negative.

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