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Superb Diamond Range Podcast

Nov 2, 2017


Keeping up with the jones's, must have the latest and greatest new iPhone.

Buying a phone cash Vs Financing a phone over a lengthy contract.

The belief that pay as you go/prepay is more expensive than contract.

Sim only contract option, 30 day contract or 12 month.

Network quality, bad experiences with poor signal,...

Mar 15, 2017


What is a mortgage? How do they work?

My personal experience with Mortgages?

Own Bank Vs. Broker.

The mortgage application.

Credit score can determine the interest rate.

Different types of Mortgages i.e. Fixed rate, Variable rate (Baloon in USA) and interest only. Fixed rate for short period and then remortgage.


Mar 2, 2017


What are Credit Cards? How do they work?

My personal experience with Credit Cards?

Interest. Billing cycle. Grace Period. Interest free period. Balance Transfer.

Rewards i.e. Airmiles or Cashback. It lures you to spend more.

Late fees. Balance Transfers.

Pay in full each month.

Section 75 consumer credit act: Gives...

Feb 23, 2017


What is an overdraft? What is it meant for?

Overdraft protection. Covers shortfalls in your income. Even if you don't have sufficient funds in your account. It allows you to complete transactions that other wise wouldn't go through. Avoids unauthorised overdrafts which leads to fees penalties.

My first ever debt...

Feb 16, 2017


Special mention to:

Robert Kiyasaki

Dave Ramsey

David Bach

For influencing me to create this new financial series which will discuss all things financial and hopefully help many of my listeners.

Most important: Pay Yourself First!!!